Publishing Technology Consulting

For more than 25 years I have been designing and enhancing systems for publishing and the graphic arts: book publishing, advertising, newspapers, packaging design, in-house graphic departments—multi-nationals to the designer in a garret. I am particularly interested in reducing complexity to enhance creativity and streamline production.

Run your eye down the questions, below. If they make you think of recent frustrations, money-losing frustrations, I can help.

Why didn’t the client get the latest version? Client communication Architecture
Why can't they find that file she was working on yesterday? The client's waiting! Server structure and filing procedures.
Why did he put his hours on that closed job? Front office / back office system integration.
We’ve worked for the client for how many years and you can’t find their logo? Asset management systems
How come our printed stationery looks different from our Word documents & why are the designers writing letters in Illustrator? Template design 
Why are we having to do so many press
Simple standards for images, custom colors, etc. Procedures
How come they can't read our PDFs? Consistent PDF settings 
Why do the prints from our printer look different from the on-screen version?

Why do the packages look different on the website?
Color management 
What do you mean he used the wrong font? Font management 
Why can’t I open this die? Conversion procedures
“Take 2 gal every day”?!  Proofreading workflows
Does anyone around here know how to design systems tailored for graphic arts professionals? Network design IT
Workstation configuration
Software specification
World wide web services
Scripting development

If you are about to make a major investment in systems or you’re concerned your current design and publishing systems aren’t working as well as you’d hoped, or there is a steady rumble of discontent from your design staff, .